The Seven Seas is a general term used by sailors and pirates referring to a number of vague oceans and seas.

A sailor may say "I have sailed the seven seas", generally meaning that they have travelled and explored a great many places by sea signifying their skill as a seaman.

Some older civilisations however did class the Earths waters as seven seas.

Most likely the one referred to in the Golden Era of Pirating and Monkey Island was actually the seven largest bodies of water:

This listing includes The Caribbean which is the setting for the Monkey Island games.

Other ClassificationsEdit

9th century China and ArabiaEdit

Arabian Seven SeasEdit

The Medievil EuropeanEdit

In Colonial TimesEdit

The Clipper Ship Tea Route from China to England was the longest trade route in the world. It took sailors through seven seas and if someone had sailed them, it meant that he had sailed to, and returned from, the other side of the world.

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