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MonkeydashUnderscore MonkeydashUnderscore 3 November 2020

The Life of H.T. Marley


Since 'Escape from Monkey Island' seemingly retconned the history of Herman Toothrot many have been confused as to how he could be one and the same as Elaines grandfather Horatio Torquemada Marley.

Fortunately, it can be simply explained, especially seeing as Herman has had several cases of memory loss.

See here for the spoiler full story:

The life of H. T. Marley

20 years before Guybrush Threepwood arrived on M锚l茅e Island, Pirate Captain Horatio Torquemada Marley was Governor of the Tri-Island area.

The tale of his transformation began when he sailed off on board his ship 'The Elaine' with his crew, Rum Rogers Sr., Young Lindy and Rapp Scallion the cook, to find the Legendary Treasure of Big Whoop.

They stopped to s…

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MonkeydashUnderscore MonkeydashUnderscore 3 November 2020

Monkey Island Casting Couch

(Original article written: 07/05/2013)

Monkey Island was meant to get a movie a few years back, but it got warped and twisted and became the 'Pirates of The Caribbean

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MonkeydashUnderscore MonkeydashUnderscore 3 November 2020

Top Five Hottest Women in the Monkey Island Series

It's always weird to say a collection of pixels or a drawing is 'hot', but we do it anyway. So here's the rundown of the women of Monkey Island.

5: Carla The Sword Master of Mêlée Island has a bit of an attitude but it's fair enough when wannabe pirates are knocking on your door every other day challenging you to fights to the death.

4: Kathryn Krebbs Bosun Krebbs was a victim of the Pox of LeChuck but still managed to carry it off.

3: Morgan LeFlay Pirate Hunter and Threepwood fan girl. Talented with a sword and wits, with one of those wonderful impossible figures.

2: Captain Kate Capsize Threepwood liked her enough to use all his best pick-up lines.

1: Elaine Marley The one and only Plunder Bunny.

Originally written: 22/05/2012

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MonkeydashUnderscore MonkeydashUnderscore 3 November 2020

Tales of Monkey Island Review

Tales Of Monkey Island I.E. NOT Monkey Island 5.

Telltale Games

For PC, PS3 and Wii.


I always get excited when I hear there are new installments of Monkey Island. The original two were possibly my favourite childhood games. The first time I saw the third in the shops it was like Christmas and two birthdays come early, and I hadn't even bought it yet. The fourth had the same effect,

Tales, again had me in fits of anticipation. Though there were concerns about the move from LucasArts to Telltale. Would they keep true to the originals or try to make it their own?

Fortunately, Tales hits a nice middle ground and came out great!

Made in the style of Telltales episodic adventures, Tales Of Monkey Island is a story arc set over a number of episodes. …

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Luke Cage Bass Fishing Luke Cage Bass Fishing 18 September 2020

What's your favorite easter egg in LeChuck's Revenge?

Mine is when Guybrush uses the mirror, he might sing "I Feel Pretty" from West Side Story.

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RaymanTTD RaymanTTD 28 March 2020



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Suzanne Supremo Suzanne Supremo 6 May 2016

Monkey Island is SUPREMO

This blog post will say that this wiki rules!


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Gerenjie Gerenjie 22 July 2012

Small Wiki

I just joined the Monkey Island wiki, and I have made one edit. This has somehow progressed me to number four on the leaderboard. I am 35 on the halo wiki, and have a 179 contributions. I looked at the leaderboard, and there are only four editors. was it the other three that made the 600ish pages? based on the fact that three of us have less than 101 points, I doubt that anyone except #1 has made any huge contributions (other than Robojox founding the wiki). So, I am wondering, has Monkeydashunderscore made 95%+ of this wiki?

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MonkeydashUnderscore MonkeydashUnderscore 22 May 2012

Bad Things In The Monkey Island Special Editions

(original article written 23/04/2012)

The Monkey Island games (particularly the first two and not so much the fourth) are arguably the finest series in adventure gaming.

Memorable characters, just the right level of challenging puzzles, great plots and the humour all add up to a fantastic ride.

Recently Special Editions of the first two games were released, updating the graphics to be more in line with the later games and adding voice overs. This was pretty exciting, but there are just a few things that haven't gone too right about them.

After playing the Special Editions for a while I pretty much got fed up with them and switched back to normal mode to finish. I'd switch back from time to time just to see the lovely new visuals, but wouldn't …

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Sclera1 Sclera1 10 July 2010

List of Characters in Monkey Island

List of all characters in Monkey Islands

  • 1 Recurring Characters
  • 2 Minor Characters
  • 3 list of Other Characters in SMI
  • 4 list of Other Characters in MI2
  • 5 list of Other Characters in CMI
  • 6 list of Other Characters in EMI
  • 7 list of Other Characters in TMI

  • Guybrush Threepwood
  • Elaine Marley
  • LeChuck
  • Stan
  • Voodoo Lady
  • Murray the Talking Skull
  • Herman Toothrot

  • Meathook
  • Carla
  • Otis
  • Rapp Scallion
  • Rum Rogers Sr.
  • Men of Low Moral Fiber

  • Mancomb Seepgood
  • Estevan
  • 3 pirate leaders
  • Captain Smirk
  • Monkey Island Cannibals

  • Largo Legrande
  • Woody the Woodsmith
  • Mad Marty
  • Wally B. Feed
  • Captain Dread
  • Voodoo Priest
  • Governor L. Phatt
  • Walt the Dog
  • Rum Rogers Jr.
  • Bruno
  • Ralphie
  • Augustus DeWatt
  • Guybrush's Parents
  • Chester

  • Haggis McMutton
  • Edward Van Helgen
  • Cutthroat Bill
  • Kenny Falmouth
  • Captain Blondebeard
  • King Andre
  • Cruff
  • Minnie …

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