Blood Island
Residents: Madam Xima
Griswold Goodsoup
Appearances: The Curse of Monkey Island
Blood Island was an island in the Tri-Island Area close to the storm surrounding Monkey Island. Guybrush Threepwood visited in order to find a diamond ring that could counteract the curse on Elaine Marley.


The island has a hotel-resort run by Griswold Goodsoup. It also has an active volcano, Mount Acidophilus, which has been stopped from erupting by the Cannibals of Monkey Island. Blood Island was removed from the shipping lanes some years ago; this and the end of volcanic activity have ended the flow of tourists who used to crowd the island. During his stay on the island Guybrush causes the volcano to erupt and the hotel prepares for a new influx of tourists. At the west end of the island there is a windmill and just near the hotel a cemetery, maintained by Mort. On a verdant cliff under the volcano lies the new cannibal village. At the east end of the island is the broken lighthouse which Guybrush has to fix in order to call upon the services of the Flying Welshman, whose job is to ferry passengers between nearby Skull Island.

In Tales of Monkey Island Chapter 4, a drink called "Blood Island Volcano Shots" are being sold at Club 41 on Flotsam Island.

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