Yes sir... lucky...

Residence:LeChuck's Ghost Ship
Job:First Mate to the Ghost Pirate LeChuck
Relatives: A wife and three children
Appearances: The Secret of Monkey Island
Voice actor:Rob Paulsen

Bob was LeChuck's first mate. In spite of this, Bob was never hugely fond of LeChuck, mainly because he had killed him, stole his ship and forced him to serve on his crew.

Bob was a likable character, despite being a member of LeChucks fearsome ghost crew. He was even revealed to be on good terms with Herman Toothrot and was not hostile towards Guybrush Threepwood unless he trespassed on his ship, in which case he simply chased him off and let him go.

The Secret of Monkey IslandEdit

He first appeared when he informed LeChuck of Guybrush Threepwood, a pirate wannabe's arrival on Mêlée Island. He later reported about the successful capture of Elaine Marley, the Governor of Mêlée Island. He also appeared when Guybrush Threepwood sneaks around LeChuck's ghost ship whilst invisible.

His last appearance in the game was when he missed the boat back to Mêlée Island for the wedding after his head fell overboard. Conveniently for Threepwood this meant he could learn where LeChuck had gone.

Alternate EndingsEdit

Guybrush Threepwood met Bob and could choose to either let him live or dissolve him with his ghost zapping formula. Before either outcome, Bob gladly told Guybrush where LeChuck was going and why. Depending on the players actions and if he is not destroyed, Bob is later taken from the island by either Herman Toothrot or by Threepwood's crew.

If Herman Toothrot arrives, he will offer Bob a ride on his ship and only agrees to take Guybrush along if he promises to rescue him. Alternatively, if Threepwood's crew appears, they greet Bob as an old friend of theirs. Guybrush Threepwood tells them that they must return to Mêlée Island.


  • Bob seems to have a fondness for music, as he is seen at one point conducting a small band of ghost pirate musicians. His dance includes removing his head and juggling it a little.
  • Bob is the only member of LeChuck's minions mentioned by name in SoMI.
  • Bob does not appear in any further games, presumably because his fate in TSoMI depends on the player's actions. However, the theme of LeChuck's minions removing their heads continues with Skully and Murray.
  • When Guybrush first meets Murray in The Curse of Monkey Island, he can ask "Can I call you Bob?". However, this may have been a pun as Murray was currently bobbing in the water instead of a reference to the character Bob.