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Classic Editions

The legendary games as they were originally intended!

Bounty pack.jpg

Monkey Island Bounty Pack - 3 games in one for PC

The Curse of Monkey Island.jpg

Curse of Monkey Island PC Curse of Monkey Island strategy guide

Escape from Monkey Island.jpg

Escape from Monkey Island PC Escape from Monkey Island PS2 Escape from Monkey Island strategy guide

Tales of Monkey Island artwork.jpg

Tales of Monkey Island PC

Special Edition

The remastered special editions of the original The Secret of Monkey Island and Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge include not only updated graphics, a fully voice acted script, re-imagined musical score, and updates to the game engine, it can also be completely reverted at the click of a button so that old school fans can play the games in all their original glory.

Steam special edition.jpg

Monkey Island Special Edition Bundle PC Steam Code

Monkey Island ps3 special edition.jpg

Monkey Island SOMI and MI2 Special Editions for PS3 also available on PC and XBox 360


Show off how much of a mighty pirate you are with real plunder!

Three headed monkey plush.jpg

Three Headed Monkey Plush

Three monkey mug.jpg

Three Headed Monkey Mug

Melee tee shirt.jpg

Melee Treasure Tee Shirt

Lechucks backpack.jpg

LeChuck's Grog Backpack

Grog mat.jpg

LeChuck's Grog Mat

Lechuck rum.jpg

LeChuck's Spiced Rum Tee Shirt

Lechuck sweatshirt.jpg

Demon LeChuck Sweatshirt

Scumm bar cap.jpg

Scumm Bar Cap

Smirk school shirt.jpg

Captain Smirk's Swordplay School Women's Tee Shirt

Elaine backpack usb.jpg

Elaine Marley backpack with USB charging port