Carla, bettern known as the Sword Master of Mêlée Island, was a master swordsman and one of the pirates Guybrush Threepwood has to defeat to attain his status as a bonafide pirate. She was a fierce warrior and lived deep in the forest of the island in an attempt to avoid people from constantly challenging her title. Only the storekeeper in town knew where she hid, which allowed Guybrush to seek her out.

She was initially trained by Captain Smirk, before her skills surpassed his. Her talent lay with her wit and an uncanny ability to think up original insults that few could ever challenge.

Secret of Monkey IslandEdit

As part of his Three Trials, she was challenged by Guybrush for her rank as Sword Master. After extensive training, Guybrush soundly defeats her.

When the Governor was kidnapped, she agreed to join Guybrush's crew, along with Otis and Meathook to find the legendary Monkey Island. The trio later mutinied and decided to slack off for the duration of the trip.

Escape from Monkey IslandEdit

Guybrush would later recruit Carla again on his search for the Ultimate Insult. She was quite unhappy with how she was treated in their last meeting, having been left stranded on Monkey Island after their ship was blown up. He offered her a contract for a cushy goverment job - an offer she couldn't refuse. She sailed The Tri-Island Area with him but like before, she contributed very little to their adventure.

SoMI Alternate EndingsEdit


The crew gather together

The Secret of Monkey Island had two endings concerning Carla hinging on one event in the game. In one ending the mutinous crew of Meathook, Carla and Otis would find Threepwood inside the Giant Monkey Head and take him back to Mêlée Island.

In the second ending, gained if the Sea Monkey was sunk, Otis, Carla and Meathook become stranded on the island while Threepwood journeys back with Herman Toothrot. This ending was later accepted as canon.


  • She wears a size 3. Threepwood discovers this if he says that he is selling 'fine leather jackets'.
  • If Threepwood informs the Pirate Leaders that he had defeated her, they tell him that he can keep the t-shirt and they have enough. This suggests that Carla has been beaten several times and is a common part of the pirate Three Trials.
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