The Carnival of the Damned was an amusement park built by LeChuck around the Giant Monkey Head.

It was fuelled by a combination of the power of Big Whoop and monkeys ('Dynamo-Monkelectric' power).

Guybrush Threepwood fought with LeChuck inside the Giant Monkey Head. The Carnival was destroyed by LeChuck after he was released by Ozzie Mandrill from his ice tomb when he saw that the gates of Big Whoop have been sealed and that he saw no point to keep the park intact anymore. All that's left of the amusement park is the empty surface around the Giant Monkey Head were it used to be.

History and FunctionEdit

It was constructed during Guybrush Threepwood's search for Big Whoop. LeChuck's intention was to take the treasure for himself and use its power to fuel his carnival and in turn build his dreaded Army of the Undead.

LeChuck's plans did not unfold as expected and he was almost defeated by his nemesis. However, the zombie pirate was able to use his voodoo magic to transform Threepwood into a child and fool him into believing that he was merely out with his family at a theme park.

While Threepwood was incapacitated in this way, LeChuck completed construction of the theme park, including the building of the Big Whoop Rollercoaster. The ride culminated in a drop with a pool of lava at the bottom in which riders would be killed and ressurected as skeletons to be forced into service under LeChuck's command.

List of Rides and AttractionsEdit

  • Big Whoop Rollercoaster
  • Bumper Cars
  • The Madly Rotating Buccaneer
  • Ice Cream Stand
  • Guess Your Age and Weight
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