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Dinghy Dog in the Carnival of the Damned.

"That's swell! (Hyuk hyuk!)"
―Dinghy Dog

Dinghy Dog is every piratey kid's favorite cartoon character.

LeChuck used this figure as the mascot for the Carnival of the Damned amusement park. His right-hand man wore a dog costume, and a blue hat with the word 'Dinghy'. It is uncertain whether the man within the suit was an undead skeleton, as two small eyes could be seen from the mouth of the suit, however LeChuck calls him "cadaverous". He had somewhat of a silly demeanor, though he didn't mind biting back if pressed. He speaks with a hillbilly accent and drawl and would often remark 'Yup!' while speaking.

Guybrush finds a stuffed Dinghy Dog toy in the stomach of Man-eating Snake at the Snake X-ing. Obviously it belonged to a victim of that snake. The toy reads "I Whooped It Up At Big Whoop". When Guybrush Threepwood arrives to the Carnival of the Damned, he acts like he already knows Dinghy Dog, as someone very famous, although he isn't referenced before (other than the stuffed toy). It's possible that they had met while he was trapped in Big Whoop. The CoMI strategy guide says that he is a famous cartoon character for piratey kids.

He first appears in a a cutscene, as one of LeChuck's closest henchmen, and served him during his resurrection as a demon pirate in The Curse of Monkey Island. LeChuck ordered him to find Elaine, who would be somewhere near Guybrush. Later he appears announcing that he and his men had found Guybrush and Elaine Marley somewhere on Blood Island.

Later, Dinghy would be seen running a game which had him guessing the customer's weight or age. He also served as the doorman to the Big Whoop Rollercoaster, and prohibited children from entering the ride, citing that it was for 'older kids'.


When Guybrush challenges Dinghy to guess his weight, Dinghy guesses correctly. He deduced this by figuring out his height and age, which is then verified after Guybrush steps on a weighing scale.  However, Dinghy fails to guess Guybrush's age correctly, after being shown a Scumm Actor's Guild membership card which states that Guybrush is in fact, twenty years old.

Guybrush is able to hit Dinghy Dog, perhaps in reference to kids beating up theme park mascots. If Guybrush hits him a sufficient number of times, Dinghy would retaliate and bite him on the head. This allows Guybrush to grab a bit of the Dinghy Dog hair from his suit, which he would then used to create a tonic that would cure his predicament.


  • He was considered the park's most popular character, much to Wharf Rat's discontentment.
  • Dinghy Dog is meant to be a parody of Disney's theme park mascots.
  • Dinghy is never seen or mentioned after The Curse of Monkey Island. It is possible he left after the Carnival was destroyed.