Estevan SE

Residence:Melee Island
Appearances: The Secret of Monkey Island
Voice actor:Jess Harnell (Special Edition)

You may be looking for the EMI character Estaban. This is the page for the SOMI character.

Estevan was a pirate met by Guybrush Threepwood in the Scumm Bar while searching for the Pirate Leaders.

He had a scarred eye caused when putting in his contact lenses.

He was the local expert on LeChuck and took the subject extremely seriously, quickly getting shaken up by talking about him.

He mentioned that people often steal grog from the kitchen, which may have prompted Threepwood to do the same.
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Guybrush meets Estevan (special edition).

Behind the scenesEdit

In the EGA demo mini-game he is known as One-eyed Frank.[1]

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