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Griswold Goodsoup is the proud proprietor of the Goodsoup Inn. He was part of long line of restauranteurs that first made name for themselves by establishing a very popular line of soup kitchens in the Caribbean. He played the piano and wrote/composed shows like Highly Explosive!. He admitted to being fabulously wealthy, and enjoyed reminiscing about his ancestry. Despite his societal status, he was a warm and friendly individual, and welcomed guests with open arms.

Things took the turn for the worse when Mount Acidophilus, the island's volcano ceased its regular eruptions, because of the Cannibals' rituals. Business dried up, and Griswold fell into a deep depression. He tried everything to sustain the flow of tourists to his inn, but all his efforts were in vain. His only regular guest was Madame Xima who gave everyone the creeps, He soon found himself drinking quite heavily, which led to severe hangover the following day. Guybrush Threepwood created a remedy for him from Pirate Potables.

He was delighted when Guybrush caused the volcano to erupt again. He planned to release a dramatic musical he was preparing all this time: Voulez Vous Vichyssoise: the story of a talented young soup chef with revolutionary ideas about soup preparation, cruelly taken down by the Paris culinary establishment.


Guybrush can order the following drinks from Griswold:

  • Grog 'n' Menthol: Clears the sinuses
  • Ol' Peg-Rot single-malt whiskey: Something subtle with a hint of oak
  • Open Sore: It reeks (sophistication)
  • Bloated Tick: Refreshing, serves as renewable fuel source, puts hair on chest
  • Caribbean Body Slam: With lemon, graperuit and ground beef. It comes with an umbrella like all tropical drinks


  • Griswold's voice actor has also performed in another Lucasarts game, Grim Fandango.
  • Griswold will mention that he booked a juggler who failed to entertain the guests. This is a subtle mention of Slappy Cromwell, the thespian and playwright who Guybrush meets on Plunder Island.
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