King Andre

King André, in all his balding glory.

King André is the self-proclaimed "king of the smugglers", and ruled over his tiny lair on Skull Island. He was bald and spoke with a slight Jamaican accent.

Despite his deceitfulness and megalomania, he fancied himself a shrewd businessman, selling a variety of quality merchandise from all over the Carribean, like whole collections of Smuggle Bunnyes. He was fond of high stakes card games, and relished in his opponents defeat. He always made sure that the odds were in his favor, as losing was never an option.

His most prized possession was the Goodsoup Family Diamond, which originally belonged to Minnie Goodsoup, a debutante that lived on the neighboring Blood Island. King André came into its possession after the then-living LeChuck stole it and sold it in exchange for a ship. He claimed that its flowing energy was the source of his power and wealth.

He enjoyed having a good laugh that freaked Guybush out, especially when its at someone's expense. He also had a loyal henchman, Cruff.

One of his plans was having rigged Blood Island with explosives controlled by a nework of satellites in geosynchronous orbit.


Guybrush Threepwood's quest for a cure for Elaine Marley's curse led him to King André's lair on Skull Island. The notorious smuggler already knew Guybrush, as it is his business to know who comes and goes around his island. He invited him to the Pirates' Club and offered him pirate goods, like a LeChuckie doll or a peg leg. Guybush challenged André to a game of poker for the diamond, provided he fork in a small wager.

André's was not willing to part with the diamond mostly due to its fantastic worth. Even when Guybrush cashed in his life insurance policy he did not allow it to be sold.

André cheats during the card game ensuring his victory. Threepwood's only option was to cheat himself. On his winning, André refuses to give up the diamond and uses force to keep possession of it. He would have most likely killed Threepwood if the elevator operator at the top of the cliff had not come in causing the wind to blow out the candle lights and cause confusion amidst the fighting allowing Guybrush to escape.


  • King André proudly to claim that no one ever came onto or left the island without his knowing.


  • King André is noted to being a James Bond-like villain. For example: the Bond paraphrase from Goldfinger: Guybrush, "Do you expect me to talk?", André "No, I expect you to buy". Another allusion was Guybrush 007 Sean Connery impression when talking to him.
  • His appearance is possibly also inspired by the novel illustation of Mr. Big from Live and Let Die.