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Governor L. Phatt was the morbidly ruthless obese fascist greedy dictator of Phatt Island. He never left his bed as he was fed every few seconds from a set of tubes. A bell nearby would ring to inform him of the incoming food. When not eating, he would usually be asleep. A rather large pipe can be seen underneath his bed, which leads outside the room. It can only be speculated that this pipe moves bodily waste from Phatt himself, as he is unable and unwilling to leave his bed.

He wrote his own autobiography Lick the Silver Spoon. It was available in the Phatt Island Library. He was a fan of reading, being an library card holder and regularly checking out books.

In a made up fib story, he bought the catering business The Sacking Lunch from the Men of Low Moral Fiber, only to later reveal that the Men of Low Moral Fiber were lying.

Phatt is protected by one guard who also carries out all other duties for the governor.

Meeting Guybrush Threepwood[]

Phatt hoped to retrieve the bounty on Guybrush Threepwood that LeChuck had placed in order to fund his eating habits. With the bounty Phatt would cover his extravagant lifestyle.

He was almost successful, however Guybrush was resourceful enough to escape from his jail. He was completely unaware when Threepwood snuck into his home and stole the book Famous Pirate Quotations resting on his stomach.


Quotes Guybrush's questions Description
Well, Mr.--
--oh, excuse me
Well, Mr Threepwood, I can't tell you how pleases I am to have you here as my guest.
None First Meeting
I though we might talk about a few things. Oh, why is that? 1st coversation
I can't say as I care much for you method of inviatation.
Thank you. Yor home is lovely.
Ha ha ha
Funny you should mention LeChuck, as he's the reason I brought you here.
Would you like to hear the story of the time I blew Lechuck's top?
Look, I'm really in quite a rush...
I admit my tastes run to the expensive. Such as how much it must cost to keep you in finery? 2nd conversation
Such as how much it must cost to keep you in food?
Such as why there's wanted poster on the wharf with my picture on it?
Such as why there's a ten-foot guard blocking the door?
Want to hear about me dostroying the evil LeChuck?
I am not a patient man, Mr. Threepwood.
Yes I've had to indulge in a bit of creative financing.
But I've just made a deal that will keep the bill collectors out of hero for a long time.
To the exPANsive is more like it 3rd conversation
How do you manange to afford it?
I'll be selling something which I shall be GLAD to br rid of.
I'm selling YOU, Mr. Threepwood.
To the Ghost Pirate LeChuck.
Selling you clothes to make circus tents? 4th conversation
Melting down you silverware to build an oil pipeline?
Reating youself out to ship captains as ballast?
Selling advertisting space on your stomach?
Oh really? What's that?
Perhaps you didn't kill him quite so thoroughly as you imagine.
He looked perfectly healthy the last time I saw him.
I beg your pardon, did you say something?
None About LeChuck
You'll get your chance. I took care of LeChuck once, I can do it again. 5th conversation
He doesn't scare me. Just tell me where I can find him.
You can hide out until LeChuck comes to pick you up. Could I hide out here for a while?
You see, he's put sizeable bounty on your head.
A bounty I intend to collect.
None About the bounty
Ha ha ha
Very amusing, Mr Threepwood.
Whatever bounty LeChuck's offering, I'll double it. 6th conversation
Why, you!
You can figure it out white you wait in jail for LeChuck to pick you up.
I guess that bounty would buy a lot of bacon grease and pure fat, huh?
Take him away None Last Conversation


  • Phatt is likely based on the character Leo Friend from Tim Powers' novel On Stranger Tides. The book is well known for being one of the main influences on Monkey Island. This implies that his first initial 'L' stands for Leo.
  • In his sleep, he claimed a single-handed defeat of the Fudge Brigade in the past.
  • Compared to other characters Phatt was huge so only his head and hands were animated.
  • His name is a clear pun on the word 'fat'.
  • The Planet Threepwood restaurant chain references Phatt with its Phatt Phizz beverage in Escape from Monkey Island.
  • In the earliest design stages of The Secret of Monkey Island, Phatt - or Fat as spelt at the time - was to be Governor of Mêlée Island.