Captain LeChimp is an average-looking gorilla, dressed in pirate attire. The deranged Mr. Fossey mistakenly imagined him as a fearsome captain and the leader of the Pirates of Danjer Cove.

LeChimp lived aboard the Sea Cucumber, which was moored in Danjer Cove. He was taken care of by Mr. Fossey along his crew of monkeys, who had hoped to improve their standing among pirating circles. Guybrush Threepwood tricked Mr. Fossey into leaving the profession of piracy and allow LeChimp and his associates to go back to nature.

He had a fearsome reputation due mainly to the mystery surrounding him and his crew. In fact, Guybrush initially assumed him to be LeChuck.

Blondebeard had heard that he "he's got the disposition of a shark in need of a root canal. If he be catchin' ya near his boat, ye'll be tortured for sure!"