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Mêlée Island was one of the main islands of the Tri-Island Area and served as the main home of its Governors.


The island's geography also changes somewhat between the two games. Most notably the harbour (previously owned by Stan) is moved from the inner bay to the southeast coast. The location of the Governor's Mansion seems to have also been altered, though this can be debated as the mansion was depicted as being a good distance away from Mêlée Town in the first game as well, reachable through a cliff-side road. Other notable changes have happened to Mêlée Town itself, with The International House of Mojo being much more prominent and with the Scumm Bar now located closer to the rest of town, as well as its exit now facing towards the town centre and not away from the sea as in the first game. Interestingly, Mêlée Island also contains an elevator that leads to a series of underwater tunnels that connect to several other islands, specifically Monkey Island and Dinky Island. While it is unknown what the purpose of these tunnels was originally, they eventually fell under the control of LeChuck after establishing Monkey Island as one of his bases throughout the Caribbean. LeChuck may have used the tunnels, among other purposes, to get from Monkey Island to Mêlée Island when he was disguised as Fester Shinetop, explaining how he managed to go between the two islands several times without his ship in an extremely short amount of time.

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