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Meathook is a resident on Hook Island, which was situated northeast the coast of Mêlée Island. He had two hooks instead of hands, because they were bitten off by a parrot which he named a "ferocious beast" when he was younger. He also lost an eye to the parrot. Though that parrot was long gone, he kept a smaller one called the Beast locked away in his home.

He ran a hotel in his home on Hook Isle, though ironically, he did not like visitors. His attractions included animal acts, tattoo demonstrations and souvenirs. He was put out of business however when a guest was badly hurt by the Beast.

He was a man of many talents. He was a ventriloquist and used his skill with the skull-shaped tattoo so that it appears to be talking. He named it Roger.

He wrote two cookbooks called Breakfast at Meathook's and Afternoon at Meathook's. Guybrush prefers the latter book, calling Breakfast "a pretty useless book" and Afternoon "fascinating." The first book is also an obvious reference to the Truman Capote novella Breakfast at Tiffany's.

Later in life, he took up painting portraits.


The Secret of Monkey Island[]

He first appears in The Secret of Monkey Island, where he eventually becomes one of Guybrush's crew for rescuing the governor.

Escape from Monkey Island[]

When Guybrush returns to Melee Island, he also sees Meathook again, this time he becomes an artist. When asked how he escaped Monkey Island, he refuses to talk about the subject (but when you ask him if he escaped on Herman Toothrot's ship he reveals that he didn't even know Herman had a ship and calls him a jerk).


  • He is named Meathook because he has two hooks instead of hands.
  • His tattoos name Roger comes from the Jolly Roger flag that many pirates use.