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Minerva Stroneheim-Goodsoup, Baroness of Borscht also known as Minnie "Stroni" Goodsoup was the great aunt of Griswold Goodsoup. As explained by her great nephew, Minnie was a well-to-do member of Blood Island society whose only weakness was her romantic nature and the Lost Ring of Blood Island is part of a very sad chapter in the Goodsoup family's history.

She was courted by many rich and handsome men all around the Caribbean, like Charles DeGoulash whom she loved for his smile, but he disappeared mysteriously when he checked into the Goodsoup Hotel. Minnie actualy preferred something more dangerous than her boring suiors, so she fell for the pirate LeChuck instantly (who, apparently, was much younger than her) when his ship sailed into the bay.

Little did she know that his real reason for their engagement was to take the valuable Goodsoup Family Diamond from her; during the rehearsal dinner he removed the diamond from the band explaining he'd take it out for some air, actually selling it to the Smugglers on Skull Island in order to buy a ship. LeChuck disappeared from her life and Minnie was left at the altar, a week later she died of a broken heart. The band of the ring was buried along with her in the Goodsoup Family Crypt. Her portrait is seen in the first floor of the Goodsoup Hotel

Guybrush Threepwood encountered her ghost whilst inside the Crypt in a valiant attempt at removing a curse on Elaine Marley.

Her soul was able to rest when reunited with that of Charles DeGoulash, her true love.


  • Her name is a pun on Minestrone soup. The Goodsoup family are all named after soups.
  • She was also voiced by the late Mary Kay Bergman.
  • Her background story makes the earthly life of LeChuck significantly older than suggested in the previous games; his contemporary henchman Largo LaGrande is still alive, and according to the backstory of The Secret of Monkey Island, he was young enough to court Elaine. One can guess that LeChuck was much younger than Minnie when she was alive, and that he was already quite old when he was courting Elaine.

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