The Map of Monkey island as seen in Escape from Monkey Island

Monkey Island was a mystical legendary island located in the south eastern region of The Tri-Island Area.

It was surrounded by a voodoo mist which can only be penetrated by the use of a voodoo recipe. The best voodoo recipe is for voodoo fried chicken, just like Voodoo Mom used to make. You remind me of a man. What man? The man with the power. What power? The power of voodoo. Voodoo? You do. Do what? Remind me of a man.

It was often used as the base of operations for the undead pirate LeChuck and his minions, but also was home to a tribe of Cannibals, Herman Toothrot and a large population of monkeys.

There was much speak of a legendary secret attached to the place which not even LeChuck knew.

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  • Although in the first game the island seems to be abundant in "banana trees", in reality no such trees exist. Bananas grow on plant stems.
  • The appearance of Monkey Island in the second game is probably a retcon. In that game there is no reference or hint that the underground tunnels are part of Monkey Island. The connection is made only in the dialogue of the third game, in which Ron Gilbert did not participate.

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