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Monkey Island 3a or 'Monkey Island: The Secret Revealed Or Your Money Back'[1] is the as yet unmade game that Ron Gilbert intended to create to complete the Monkey Island Trilogy.

Gilbert has said that if he ever wins the lottery, he would buy the rights to the Monkey Island franchise and make the game he had always wanted to make.

Though no real work has gone into the making of the game, Gilbert has ideas for plot and puzzles.

According to Ron, he even contacted LucasArts about it and they were interested, but then "it just ended".

A Petition exists, asking Disney to sell the rights to Monkey Island to Gilbert.

Game Events[edit | edit source]

Until 2020, Gilbert has revealed very little about what he would have put into the game. He claims that he is extremely good at keeping secrets.

Some minor details have been slipped though.

Guybrush Goes To Hell[edit | edit source]

In 2020, as part of an 30th anniversy stream ran by The Video Game History Foundation, showcasing cut content from Monkey Island 1 and 2's source codes, Gilbert discussed how the trilogy was "planned out" (it mostly wasn't, beyond vague ideas). He mentioned the idea of Lechuck transforming across the trilogy, from a Ghost, to a Zombie, to finally a Demon. Then Ron elaborated on his idea for Monkey Island 3, which would've had Guybrush GOING TO HELL.

"...The third game in my head was always that Guybrush would go to hell AND, you know, the demon pirate LeChuck would be down there, and he would be doing a lot of what he would be doing in-you know-hell. And that's-that's something telltale had done, you know, with the Tales Of Monkey Island games, completely independent of what I was thinking of."

He then went on to state that this was merely the "broad strokes" version of MI3. For now.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. 2002 Interview with Ron - "I would love to do another "adult" adventure game. My dream is to buy the rights to Monkey Island and do the true Monkey Island 3. I'd call it "Monkey Island 3a: The Secret Reveled[sic] or your Money Back".
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