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Palido Domingo is an unusually pale-skinned talent manager, and could be found sunbathing in Brimstone Beach Country Club and Smorgy in Plunder Island. He comes off rather rude towards Guybrush, mistaking him for a waiter.

His longtime client was thespian and playwright Slappy Cromwell. The two shared a long working relationship back when Cromwell was performing on Blood Island. So long in fact, that Domingo had the map to Blood Island tattooed to his back.


When Guybrush first encounters Palido, he notes his very pale complexion. Domingo could be seen wearing a pair of board shorts and sunglasses, and what appeared to be a conquistador helmet. He also happened to have the map of Blood Island tattooed on his back, to serve as a reminder after constantly misplacing his sticky notes about the island's location.


Guybrush first learns of Domingo's whereabouts at the Brimstone Beach Country Club and Smorgy after speaking with Slappy Cromwell during the rehearsal of his stageshow production, Speare.

Getting the Map to Blood Island[]

Guybrush has to trick Palido into thinking that he had sunburnt on his front, prompting him to turn over and reveal the map on his back.

Once this is accomplished, Guybrush should use the Cooking Oil on the Palido's backside. This will promp Palido's skin to start burning, thus enabling our intrepid hero to peel the map safely off.


  • When Threepwood first approaches Domingo, he calls out to him as waiter and orders him to refill his mug.
  • Domingo will offer Guybrush representation, but admits not seeing him doing well in showbiz. He then suggested a gig at a shoe factory in Hoboken. When Threepwood refuses, Domingo rescinds his offer.
  • When referring to working with Slappy Cromwell, Palido exclaims, "If I booked that guy in a dinghy, there'd be empty seats!"
  • His name is a play on "Plácido Domingo", a prominent tenor. It is also somewhat ironic, as "domingo" is the spanish name for sunday.