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The Demise of the Zombie Pirate LeChuck is the first chapter of The Curse of Monkey Island.

It precedes Part II: The Curse Gets Worse.



Universal Hint System


Guybrush starts out below deck in small room with some cannonballs, a self-loading cannon and a very small operator pirate. For those of you who have played the previous Monkey Islands you recognize the cartographer from MI 2 right away. Before you regain control you will hear Guybrush thinking up a plan to escape. You can also listen to the comments the little pirate makes while firing, his last comment is quite different to all the ones before it. Before starting let's check the inventory by right-clicking with the cursor mouse on the screen. Here you'll see two Helium Balloons located in one inventory spot. Use the "inhale" (parrot) option with the Verb Coin for some nice sound effects. Your first objective is to get through the door behind you. So examine the door (or the Keyhole) to discover rather quickly that he can never open it by himself. Look around with the cursor and locate the Ramrod up against the wall. This is not just part of the background, but you can actually pick it up using the Hand on the Verb Coin. Talk to the operator pirate for a warm welcome. Bloodnose the Pirate points a gun at you and tells you to stay put. You can choose any of the options as a reply to find out that it is indeed Wally the cartographer who helped you in the previous adventure. After some more talking you will receive the Pirate Literate for free. This is a bogus item, but you can read it to find out about LeChuck's guide to piracy. Choose "What's behind the door?" option to find out that all of LeChuck's treasure is behind it for the ultimate wedding gift to Elaine. If you are done chattering choose "You're a failure as a pirate". Eventually Wally realizes that he is not a pirate and starts crying (if you use the 3rd option here twice for an unexpected result). As Wally weeps he tries to cover his eyes and throws the fake hook away. You can pick it up for free, as Wally doesn't need it anymore The self-loading cannon is ready for you to use. You get to see the fort

and four of the long boats LeChuck released filled with skeleton pirates (enter "lapostal" here for a strange message). There is an infinity amount of cannonballs at your disposal so take your time to shoot the four boats, or blow the two little towers on the fort to smithereens if you like that. After you take out all four boats Guybrush will point out that there is some debris floating outside in the water. Position your cursor at the gun bay and it will turn into a red arrow. Click here to make Guybrush squeeze past the cannon or double click to do all of that in a split second.

--Outside the gun bay--

There is a skull on a wooden plank and part of a femur sticking out of the water. Talk to the skull to find out that this is Murray the all powerful and demonic skull. You will meet him later on several times so let him be for now or use the ramrod on him to make him silent.the item near you with it... Open your inventory and right click on the Ramrod / Plastic Hook to set your focus on that. Position it over the other item and you can combine these two into a Gaff. After doing so you can get the Skeleton Arm with the Gaff originally belonging to the skull on your left and a Cutlass the hand of the Arm holds. If Murray is still around you can try to return the arm to him, but Guybrush will not give it to him because he is too evil!

--LeChuck's hold--

Back in the hold use the Cutlass on the cannon restraint rope to unsecure the cannon. It should not be too difficult to understand what will happen if you use the cannon now. After blasting yourself through the door a cutscene is displayed where the ship capsizes and LeChuck blows himself into the significant otherworld!

Walkthrough by Iron Knuckle