Phatt Island
Ruler: Governor Phatt
Residents: Phatt
Rum Rogers Jr.
Appearances: Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge

Phatt Island was one of the main bodies of land nestled within the Tri-Island Area. It was ruled over by the facist dictator Governor Phatt. Guybrush Threepwood visited Phatt Island while searching for a map piece. He was taken prisoner by the Governor, but quickly escaped.



Hint Book map

Phatt Island has an extremely ragged coastline. Majority of the area is uninhabited. There is one central mountain, which rose sharply enough that no vegetation grew on its upper reaches. The island had two lakes, one in the east, the other in the far northwest. The latter has a small waterfall.

The coastline itself is fairly rocky, with a number of small offshore islands. The largest of these has a cottage built by Rum Rogers Jr.. This island is connected to Phatt Island via an underground tunnel.

Points of InterestEdit

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