Pirahna poodles

Pirahna Poodles were a dangerous breed of guard dogs.

They were ferocious and would devour meat in seconds.


Secret of Monkey IslandEdit

Elaine Marley kept a pack outside her mansion on Melee Island protecting it from intruders.

Guybrush Threepwood managed to get past them by spiking some meat with a flower that would make them drowsy and fall asleep. The game would then show a message saying that the dogs are "not dead, just sleeping".

Escape from Monkey IslandEdit

When Charles L. Charles barged into the Governors mansion uninvited, Elaine Marley warned him to leave else she would set her Pirahna Poodles on him.

Tales of Monkey IslandEdit

Though unseen in the game, LeChuck told Elaine Marley that he had left Threepwood to be devoured by his pack of the dogs.

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