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Pirates are criminals who partake in activities such as swordfighting, treasure hunting and stealing. In order to prove their worth as a pirate they must pass Three Trials testing their skills in each of the mentioned skills.

They may also be referred to as buccaneers, swashbucklers, privateers or corsairs, though in reality these terms are specific to certain types of pirate.

They are often found on Caribbean islands and ships.

Scabb Island is the only island where pirates are free to be pirates.

SoMI Pirates[edit | edit source]



On Mêlée Island, a number of pirates roam the forest paths ready to fight anyone who gets in their way.

  • Stinking Pirate
  • Bloodthirsty Pirate
  • Ugly Pirate
  • Dirty Rotten Pirate

CoMI Pirates[edit | edit source]

Sailing around the Golfo de Pollo were various pirates.

  • Really Not Fearsome Pirate
  • Semi-Fearsome Pirate
  • Mildly Fearsome Pirate
  • Pretty Fearsome Pirate
  • Fearsome Pirate
  • Really Fearsome Pirate


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As well as these were a Fat and Thin pirate who came across a lot of floating wreckage from the Battle of Plunder Island. They took some aboard intending to sell it to King André on Skull Island. The thin pirate took a liking to a pair of boots he found, not knowing that they belonged to LeChuck and contained his voodoo essence.

When he put them in the ship's hold, he was horrified to see the demon pirate materialize. Shortly afterward, the two were transformed into undead minions.

EfMI Pirates[edit | edit source]

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Many pirates sailed the Tri-Island area and inhabited its islands. Some even dared to attack Elaine Marley and Guybrush Threepwood on their honeymoon. The attack eventually turned against them when a single cannon shot sunk their considerably larger (and more foreboding) ship to the bottom of the sea. With nowhere else to sail, the enemy crew surrendered.

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