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Exterior of Planet Threepwood

Planet Threepwood is the name of the restaurant on Jambalaya Island. It is owned by Ozzie Mandrill and document's the life of the protagonist himself. The title can be directly sourced from the Planet Hollywood chain of restaurant's. The restaurant displays items belonging to Guybrush and Elaine on it's walls, as well as being the location where Murray's arm and a silver monkey head in the form of a mug (the second of four component's of the Ultimate Insult) is located.

According to the restaurant, Guybrush is 6 foot 4, has a scar above his left eye and owns a big black parrot.

This is where Guybrush can find a silver monkey head (in the form of a mug), one of the components of the Ultimate Insult.


The staff working at Planet Threepwood consist of Elayne the waitress (not to be confused with Elaine Marley), Kristopher Kilometer the caricacture artist and Floppo the Bouncer Monkey the bouncer, who left before Guybrush arrived on Jambalaya to be replaced by Murray.

Menu Items[]

Swordmaster's Delight

Guybrush's Mighty Pirate Burger

Lobster LeChuck

Elaine's Sea-sar Salad

Today's Special: Stan's Budget Baloney Sub ( Four Pieces of Baloney, Ham and Turkey, Smothered in Three Types of Cheese, on Rye Bread.)

Largo's Lemonade

Phatt Phizz

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