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Plunder Island is one of the major locations in Curse of Monkey Island. It was part of the Tri-Island Area which made it under Governor Elaine Marley's purvey. The island was well regarded as a retirement community for ex-pirates and their spouses. It has/had an indigenous population but other than saying "Pappapisshu" instead of "ouch", there is nothing else known about them. It was also known for its large population of feral chickens, which led to the island town's name, Puerto Pollo. The Plunder Island Naturalist Society documents everything abou the wildlife of the island.

A song called Plunder on my Mind was written about the island.


With the exception of Puerto Pollo the island is heavily forested. Puerto Pollo is located in the bay of the island. Some of the notable locations include the Brimstone Beach Club to the east across the bay, Governor Elaine Marley's Fortress just at the edge of the bay, the swamp-area at the southern centre of the island, and Danjer Cove on the opposite (dark) side of the island from Puerto Pollo. The island also has an active naturalist society who are dedicated to the placing of informative plaques all across the island with detailed information on the local plants and animals.

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  • In the Strategy Guide, Bill Tiller mentions that during production of the game, there would be an underground labyrinth beneath the island, where El Pollo Diablo resides, filled with traps and ghastly howling clucks of chickens demanding vengeance. Guybrush would be captured and tortured there until he swears off white meat, and then trained in the sacred Way of the Chicken and becomes an elite warrior of the Pollo Knights of the Sith.
  • In an interview, Jonathan Ackley mentions a vacation to Kauai, after it was hit by Hurricane Iniki. All the chikcen coops were blown open and the island was covered with feral chickens. He likened this situation to Plunder Island.
The Tri-Island Area

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