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Puerto Pollo

Puerto Pollo was a city on Plunder Island. It is a sister city of Vacaville.

Some notable locations included:

A fountain in the city read:

"In memory of the chickens who gave their lives during the Great Puerto Pollo Potluck Jamboree of 1621."

other side of town

The town name is Spanish for Chicken Port, due to its population of feral chickens on the Island.

City Status[]

Plunder Island is at least considered a City by some as seen in the anthem Plunder on my Mind, in which it is referred to as such.


Concept art by Bill Tiller

According to the CoMI Strategy Guide, during early production of the game, Puerto Pollo would be composed of 6 screens, but it was considered cumbersom to pass through screens with no interaction, so it was decited to put it all in one scrolling screen.