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"If there's any treasure to be found, I'm going to be the man to find it. And I'll look absolutely STUNNING while I'm doing it."

Rottingham (with hair) at the Barbery Coast

Rene Rottingham was a fearsome scoundrel and pirate captain seen in The Curse of Monkey Island. He was a Frenchman and master swordsman and reputed to be the most cunning and well-groomed captain ever to sail the Caribbean.

An arrogant man, he was extremely proud of his hair, and would mock anyone with hair he deemed to look bad. He massaged his scalp lovingly with the finest creams and oils in the world, twice daily. He was willing to kill men for insulting his grooming.

His self importance had him boast that he would serve under no one elses command.

His ship was armed with the Destructomatic T-47 Cannon.

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