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The Scabb Island Cemetery was a resting place for the dead, which was located on Scabb Island. It had many crypts and a section of graves with crosses located on a hill.

Many of the crosses and tombstones were unclaimed but ready to be sold.

This was the burial site of the deceased grandfather of Largo LaGrande, as well as Rapp Scallion, who died when his hotdog hut was burnt down. It appeared in Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge.

List of Deceased and their Epitaphs[edit | edit source]

  • The Quagmires - No Trespassing
  • The Rickets - No Trespassing
  • The Groutts - No Trespassing
  • Warning Quarantined Tomb: Inhabitants died of Green-tongue Fever
  • Hank Plank - Here lies Hank Plank. Does anybody recognise that name? He didn't have any money on him when he died and somebodys got to pay for the funeral - Stan.
  • Nibbles - Here lies Nibbles the dog. He was a bad dog. We're glad he's dead.
  • Here lie the Gordo Brothers, too big for any ship. Let's hope the Earth can hold them.
  • The Grave of the Unknown Pirate
  • The Grave of the Unknown Cabin Boy
  • The Grave of the Unknown Guy We Found Face Down In His Own Vomit On The Beach

Hill burials[edit | edit source]

  • Marco Largo LaGrande, Hell on Sea or Land, The Good News: He's Dead, The Bad News: He Bred
  • There once was a girl called Carrie, Who thought that she soon should marry, She went into town, And flirted around, She didn't get wed, she got buried.
  • No man commanded Jean Louise, Not on land and not on water, Jean did whatever he did please, Until he kissed the gunner's daughter.
  • Here lies Daredevil Jim McDow, hand of steel, leg of wood..... Jim took every risk he could, A life of action, that was Jim's, Too bad he ran out of limbs.

Crypt[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]


The epitaphs appear in the Lite version. In the Full version, their quotations appear instead obliging the player to identify the coffin owners with the Famous Pirate Quotations book.

Hank Plank was going to be Guybrush's original name.

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