Chef scumm

The Scumm Bar Chef seemed to run the Scumm Bar singlehandedly. He prepared the grog and any food. Because of an old war injury he could not travel the sea. He would not allow anyone in his kitchen. Only occasionally he exited the kitchen to check with the customers, and Mancomb Seepgood commented that it would take a long time before he would notice one.

He was an old friend of Otis and sneaked him food in prison, like pork trimmings, feet and lips, and a rump roast with a prehensile tail.

He loved Governor Elaine Marley, who conveniently use to lose the Health Board reports (for a small consideration). When she was kidnapped and taken to Monkey Island by the ghost pirate LeChuck, he was hugely upset at her loss and the effect it had on his business.


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