Gulf of Melange

The Gulf of Melange map

Gulf of Melange is the location of islands featured in Tales of Monkey Island.


  • Boulder Beach is an island that features only a small rocky beach area.
  • Flotsam Island is named after the island's unique winds, which cause various sailors and debris to become marooned there. Flotsam features a small local town in its southwest portion, and the rest of the island is covered in a jungle that contains ancient ruins dedicated to the wind gods. Besides the strong winds preventing anyone from leaving the island, the waters surrounding the island are filled with razor-sharp coral that tear nearby ships. By Tales of Monkey Island, the Voodoo Lady has relocated her shack to Flotsam.
  • Spinner Cay is the epicenter of the Vaycalian race of mer-folk within the Gulf of Melange. The Vaycalians are the original inhabitants of Flotsam when a small section of their population left the water to worship wind gods; they are also aware of the location of "La Esponja Grande". Roe Island is a small beach island and primary home of Coronado De Cava during his search for "La Esponja Grande". Spoon Isle is similar to Flotsam Island and mostly consists of jungle and Vaycalian ruins.

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