Sea Monkey

Sea Monkey
The Sea Monkey's deck

Owner/s:Herman Toothrot
Guybrush Threepwood
Place of origin:Melee Island
Type:Pirate Ship
Appearances: The Secret of Monkey Island

The Sea Monkey was the ship that Herman Toothrot and his Captain used in their search for Monkey Island.

Travels to Monkey IslandEdit

Herman Toothrot joined with an unknown Captain on an adventure hoping discover the secret of Monkey Island. They were the only two on board the ship and the Captain grew steadily weary of Toothrots company and smell.

Toothrot was able to accidentally find a recipe for a potion which allowed them safe passage through the mysterious and deadly voodoo storm which surrounded the legendary island and they soon found themselves in sight of their destination.

They rowed to shore in their landing craft and began to explore the island. After a time, the Captain eventually became frustrated with his companion and chose to hang himself rather than go on. Toothrot believed that his friend had died in an accident while attempting to put up a swing.

Unable to sail the large ship home alone, Toothrot trained monkeys to sail the ship back to Melee Island to get help. He refused to spend the long trip in the company of monkeys.

Things did not go to plan as when the Sea Monkey docked at Melee, Stan took possession of the ship for his business selling second-hand ships. Around twenty years later he sold it to Guybrush Threepwood who sailed it back to Monkey Island. Upon meeting Toothrot on the island, the hermit assumed he had come to rescue him.


Threepwood could accidentally sink the Sea Monkey through use of the Cannibals Primitive art. He can push a rock from the peak of a cliff on Monkey Island onto the art sending the rock smashing into the Sea Monkey subsequently sinking it. (The sinking of the ship is adopted as canon in Escape from Monkey Island).

Landing CraftEdit

The ship had one sole rowboat labelled with the name Sea Monkey. It was used by Toothrot and his friend to land on Monkey Island. Guybrush Threepwood later found and made use of the craft to row to the innaccessible north side of the island.

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