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A Voodoo Doll was a powerful voodoo magic item that allowed the manipulation of a person with the use of a doll which represented the intended victim. Creation of a doll required four main voodoo ingredients.

"Something of the Thread
Something of the Head
Something of the Body
Something of the Dead"

It also needed some amount of undescribed voodoo herbs and seasonings including monosodium glutamate.

Depending on the quality of their ingredients, voodoo dolls had varying range. Some users would have to be fairly close to a victim, at least in the same room, while others could use their dolls without even being on the same island.

Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge Edit

The concept and involvment of the Voodoo Doll was first seen in the second game of the series. In order for Guybrush Threepwood to rescind the Largo Embargo and to get off Scabb Island, he had to force Largo LaGrande off the island.

Everyone on the island was afraid to confront the bullying LaGrande, wishing that they had a voodoo doll to even the score. The Voodoo Lady, who was also on the island, wanted to create the doll, but nobody was brave enough to find the ingredients necessary. With the help of Guybrush, the Voodoo Lady was able to create a doll that could be used against LaGrande. Confronting the small tyrant in his room, Threepwood was able to chase him off the island.

In LeChuck's Fortress, after meeting LaGrande, he requested his Voodoo Priest create a voodoo doll for him.

After Threepwood found Big Whoop, LeChuck confronted his old enemy and intended to use the voodoo doll to send him painfully to another dimension. However, it did not go to plan enabling Threepwood time to create a voodoo doll of his own, which helped defeat the evil zombie.

The Curse of Monkey island Edit

In the Voodoo Lady's shop on Plunder Island, there are some paper-made voodoo dolls that the Voodoo Lady explains were made by local children. One of which happened to be the voodoo doll of Mort the gravedigger on Blood Island.

Tales of Monkey IslandEdit

In the opening chapter of Tales of Monkey Island Threepwood reviewed the recipe for the Cursed Cutlass of Kaflu. A voodoo doll was one of the ingredients used to make the cutlass.

Known Created Voodoo DollsEdit

The following Voodoo dolls were created in MI2:

Largo LaGrandeEdit



Dandruff Thread Bra Body Spit Dead

Grandfather's Bone

The Voodoo Lady provided the final herbs and ingredients.

Guybrush ThreepwoodEdit

It is never revealed how this doll was made, but the most likely possible ingredients are as follows.

Head Rubbed Off Beard Hair Thread Discarded Party Costume Body Spit from Contest Dead Parents Bone

The Voodoo Priest most likely had the final voodoo ingredients necessary.


Lechuck doll-mi2
Head Beard Thread Underwear Body Snot Dead Parents Skull
The Voodoo bag that Threepwood used contained the extra voodoo ingredients necessary.
MI CvrComp2 Sml
59021 1226116768 large

Unknown fan's makeup doll.

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